Get Your Koko Club Shout Out! ✨ 🐨 📣

Get Your Koko Club Shout Out! ✨ 🐨 📣

Hey Koko Sleepers! You might have heard me mention recently that we have had a huge number of new subscribers to the Koko Club and lots and LOTS of messages about Koko Club member shoutouts that you’re waiting for but haven’t heard yet. I love doing the shoutouts BUT… I can only actually do them once I know your name!

There are special privacy rules to keep us all safe online, so when you subscribe we don’t get to see what you’re called, which means I only know who to shout out if you tell me...

So here’s what to do:

Please go to and fill out our contact form, providing your child’s name (or yours) along with a screenshot of your Koko Club or Sleepiest+ Subscription. For those Koko Club subscribers on Supercast, you can come directly to us via the "Ask Me Anything" feature on your dashboard. 

We receive lots and lots of shout-out requests every single day, so it may take up to a month for your shout-out to go live. But fear not! Rest assured that one of our Koko Sleep team members will confirm that your name has made the list. Trust us when we say it's absolutely worth the wait!

If you’d love a shout out, but haven’t yet subscribed, you can do it in just two taps by clicking Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or by following the Supercast link here:

I can’t wait to hear all of your lovely names, and we hope you’re enjoying this week’s episodes. Sweet dreams 💜