Koko Sleep is podcast of original bedtime stories and meditations for children, designed to make bedtimes a dream. So if you are a tired parent, innovative teacher, wise baby-sitter or curious kiddo then you’re in the right place. Hosted by Abbe Opher, possibly the world’s biggest fan of bedtime stories, and released every Monday and Wednesday, Koko Sleep has been designed to help children relax and float off to sleep faster than ever! So parents can win back a little ‘me’ time.

Throughout the series the magical sleep meditations & short stories will be delivered in a relaxed, audiobook style, with calming Sleep music. Your little ones will learn all about Koko the Koala, his family, friends and his adventures but they’ll also hear other relaxing stories too - about children with magic powers, bouncy puppies and very wise wildlife.

After getting loads of kind requests asking for ways to support our podcast, we have launched Sleepiest+, our Premium Subscription for Koko Sleep. Those who choose to become Koko Sleep Premium Subscribers will get access to exclusive bonus episodes every month, all episodes a day early, and, stay completely ad-free. Listeners need not worry if they are not able to become a subscriber right away though, as all our regular episodes will still be available for free, every Monday and Wednesday.

About The Host

Abbe Opher

Abbe Opher is a British voice actor now living in rural Wales. Her distinctive narrative style has been honed to help listeners relax and feel safe enough to fall asleep. Having listened to her own mother read bedtime stories and - more recently - read to her own children at bedtime, she understands firsthand how storytelling can genuinely help us to destress and access the deep rest we need to thrive.

Employing insights learnt as a copywriter, teacher, journalist and mother, Abbe can voice a story in such a manner that will capture the heart, mind and full attention of adults and children alike.