Yoga is a great activity for kids—it is a fun, creative, and laid back exercise that helps fitness, flexibility, balance, relaxation, and mindfulness. Kids who practice yoga regularly are calmer, happier, and more focused. Yoga also helps kids to fall asleep faster and get better nights sleep! If you're wondering how yoga helps kids sleep read on.

What Are The Benefits of Bedtime Yoga For Kids

Bedtime yoga helps children sleep better at night

Children often have trouble sleeping because they’re anxious about something or worried about what might happen in the future. When we worry, our body produces stress hormones like cortisol, which can disrupt normal brain function. This makes it harder for us to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. In addition, when we don’t feel relaxed, we may become agitated and restless, making it even harder to fall asleep. By practicing yoga before going to bed, you’ll help calm your child down so they will drift off into dreamland easier. You’ll also give them an opportunity to release any pent-up energy from being awake all day long.

Bedtime yoga is fun for all the family 

Bedtime Yoga helps parents learn how to let go of control over their child’s life by giving up worrying about his/her behaviour. Instead, they can enjoy watching their kid do things she enjoys doing. The same goes for the parent – instead of feeling stressed out and frustrated, you can just sit back and watch her move around, stretch, and play freely without having to think about anything else.

Bedtime yoga for relaxation

When kids practice yoga on a consistent basis, they develop a greater ability to relax themselves mentally and physically. As a result, they sleep better at night and wake up refreshed in the morning. These skills translate well into other areas of their lives, too. For example, they learn to manage anger and frustration effectively, deal with anxiety and fear, cope with sadness and loss, improve concentration and focus, and increase tolerance towards others. All of this leads to improved relationships with friends and teachers, increased academic performance, and overall happiness.

Bedtime yoga for healthy brain functioning

The human brain develops rapidly during early childhood, but then slows down significantly after age 25. Regular yoga practice has been shown to promote cognitive development and enhance memory retention. A bedtime yoga session is a great way to improve your child’s mental development while helping them be rested and ready for school in the mornings!

Bedtime yoga for self-esteem and confidence

Yoga promotes positive thinking and encourages students to take responsibility for their actions. It gives them confidence as they gain strength and flexibility through movement. They are encouraged to trust their own judgment and make decisions based on personal values rather than external pressures. Over time, this builds self-esteem and fosters independence.

Bedtime yoga for focus and concentration

Children who have practiced yoga consistently over time demonstrate enhanced attention span and higher levels of concentration. When you add meditation techniques like breathing exercises or guided imagery to a nightly yoga routine, you will see even bigger improvements in focus and concentration. The benefits of focusing on something without distraction are invaluable when learning new things, completing homework assignments, studying for tests, and working on projects. Why don't you try a Koko Sleep bedtime story or meditation to start you off. 


Yoga before bedtime is a great way to teach kids to breathe deeply, relax, and connect with themselves and their bodies. No special equipment is needed, and it’s a great way to incorporate mindful movement, meditation, and relaxation into a bedtime routine. Even just a few deep breaths in one yoga pose before bed can help increase the chances of your child having a deep and restful sleep.

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